Aria Montgomery’s Nokia E6 Smartphone Face Up!

grey Aria Montgomerys Nokia E6 Smartphone Face Up! Aria Montgomery’s brand new phone, the Nokia E6 is actually about a year old (however her Palm Pixi was quite dated as well). The great thing about her Nokia E6 is that not only does it have a great physical QWERTY keyboard, it also has a touchscreen so you don’t have to rely on only the trackpad (yes, it has a trackpad too) to navigate around. In season 3, episode 2 of Pretty Little Liars, Blood is the new Black, Aria Montgomery shows us how her Nokia E6 looks face-up and it looks beautiful. grey Aria Montgomerys Nokia E6 Smartphone Face Up! The Nokia E6 has a 680Mhz processor, 256MB ram, 8MP camera, 2.46inch touchscreen, a physical QWERTY keyboard, and Symbian OS. Although Symbian is nowhere as polished as Android, iOS, or even WebOS, it simple interface makes it quite zippy on the lackluster hardware included on this phone. Compared to the new dual-core 1.5Ghz phones with 4.65 HD screens nowadays, the Nokia E6 is considered a weakling. However thanks to the Symbian OS, the hardware on the Nokia E6 is actually quite great. Symbian OS isn’t exactly ugly, but it’s not as pretty as say Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, or iOS. And the added bonus of having a touchscreen alongside a physical QWERTY keyboard makes the Nokia E6 seem like the Blackberry Bold 9900, or an upgraded Palm Pixi, which I love. And it still looks sexy and chic, unlike the Droid Pro models Android released. grey Aria Montgomerys Nokia E6 Smartphone Face Up! You can get Aria Montgomery’s Nokia E6 for as low as $270 off contract. I, personally, would wait for the price to drop to at least $200 before I consider buying it… however that’s just me.

Aria Montgomery’s Nokia E6 phone for as low as $270.00 off contract.


  1. Mekoo says

    hey, so i just got this phone, because of aria, in episode 16 season 3, meridith ignores ellas’s phone call by clicking ignore on the screen, this does’nt work with me, how can enable it??

  2. Violet says

    hello so Arias phone, hah?
    id just like to ask how is it that there isnt a clock in the middle button on the screen when shes texting because that clock bugs me. thanks for the feed back !

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